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Newton Press is a print company with a unique history. Back in 1963 our young founder started up during the days when design and print was just emerging from the dark ages. His vision: to create really great Design and Print.

Over the years Newton Press has grown by being techno geeks, embracing the latest design, pre-press and print technology. We love our toys because we can print faster, better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly for you, us and the planet!

Nearly five decades on, our County Durham operation has some great kit, including two flagship world’s best environmental friendly presses. Next to these fantastic presses we operate Heidelberg’s and a variety of digital and large format machines. So if it�s ink on paper that you need – we have the solution ready to rock and roll.

Oh, and that founder of ours, is sadly no longer with us – however his ethos lives on in his three sons and a great team of designers and printers living the dream and making great print!

Contact our Sales Director Stuart Howarth on 01325 300212 or email for more information.

Newton Press: Eco-Friendly Printing